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A hard reality? Or a little too blunt? You decide. 

This makes my belly very happy. #glutenfree #getinmybelly #paleo

Delicious Blueberry Pancake recipe from #thepaleokitchen by @civilizedcaveman and @paleomg

Apple and almond butter sandwich. So good. #nutrition #health #wellness #paleo #glutenfree #veganfriendly #dairyfree #snacks #recipes

If it’s made in a plant, don’t eat it. If it comes from a plant, eat up!
Dr. Mark Hymen

We’ll be talking about the Bliss Point in our #MisleadingMarketing workshop coming this Fall! 

This clip is the perfect way to introduce the NEW workshop we will be kicking off this Fall - MISLEADING MARKETING. Stay tuned for details, but in the meantime, check out this clip.